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Marie Gruber was always fascinated with art. As a child, she loved drawing and experimenting with photography on her grandparent’s farm. As she grew older she continued to pursue art, completing a B.F.A. in painting at Clemson University in 1990. In school she studied as many disciplines as possible but painting and photography remained her favorites. Following school she worked briefly in commercial photography, but quickly returned to fine art photography. In 2002 she began showing her photography at outdoor art festivals and has since participated in numerous art festivals and exhibitions across the country. Her artwork is influenced by nature as well as by art of all kinds. She enjoys wandering and photographing in distant remote locations. She is inspired by the vastness and stillness and quiet details of unknown places and seeks to capture that in her photography. Today she is once again painting and drawing as well as continuing to explore the art of photography. She currently lives and works in Greenville, South Carolina.

“Art is my obsession. I love it in all forms and from all perspectives. Photography is an exploration for me. I use careful composition and long exposures to capture and isolate elements in nature that show my impressions and feelings of that place and time. I am always searching and studying and learning, and also, hopefully, creating.”

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